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Enhancing leadership practice

Being able to adapt and change is essential for any organisation to thrive in the HE sector.

The importance – and impact – of diverse and representative leadership at all levels can become most apparent when meeting a range of challenges. By investing in development for current and future leaders across all areas of the organisation you are ensuring that your leadership team has the understanding, capabilities, flexibility and resilience needed to deliver your current and future goals.

Our wealth of experience, the quality of our delivery and distinctiveness is threaded through our services in developing new and existing leaders. Using diverse and immersive experiential learning techniques our portfolio provides participants with opportunities for personal and professional growth. We can adapt our open programme and workshop portfolio or develop a completely tailored solution for your institution.

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The extended modular approach over which the development took place enabled deeper reflection and learning and working with real-life scenarios (adapted for confidentiality) helped development as a leader and manager.”

Dr Sally Jackson, Chief People Officer, Sheffield Hallam University

Developing academic leaders to support teaching and research

Delivering high quality teaching, learning and research is at the heart of HE. In order to achieve this, confident and capable leadership is required. We believe that good leadership can be demonstrated at any level, is values-driven and not hierarchical in nature, so as well as focusing on current leaders we also focus on nurturing future leaders. Using in-house development programmes such as our Academic Leadership Programme we work with HE systems and institutions to develop those leading academic staff.

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Leading an inclusive and diverse institution

Inequalities persist in higher education and research, the need to create and maintain environments that promote good mental health and wellbeing demands good leadership at every level, especially as expectations and scrutiny mount. Advance HE has a deep contextual understanding of the challenges faced within higher education. Using our experts in EDI and leadership, we will work in partnership with you to develop a solution which fits the context of your institution, supporting you to create an inclusive institution which has a safe and transformative culture and prioritises wellbeing.

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The Academic Leadership Programme was very useful because after the workshop I am able to perceive problems more easily and also to react to them better, maybe more lastingly. I am grateful to the organizers for a new network of like-minded companions with similar challenges.”

Assistant Professor, Dr. Franc Dimc, Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Ljubljana


Deputy Heads Appreciative Leadership Programme at Sheffield Hallam University


Carnegie Trust Future Leaders Programme (for PhD Scholarship holders)

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Scottish Academic Leadership Programme

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Slovenian institution in collaboration with Advance HE to develop staff leadership skills

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Advance HE delivers leadership programme for administrative staff in India under bilateral India and UK government initiative

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Celebrating Higher Education Leadership Development in Ukraine

Developing leaders through Advance HE programmes and events

Using diverse and immersive experiential learning techniques our portfolio provides its participants with the opportunity to enhance their skills and become authentic leaders, delivered by facilitators from inside and outside HE with a deep and enduring knowledge of its wonders and challenges.

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Reports and publications

With over 15 years of resources to access and as convener of current thinking, knowledge and insight into the key sector opportunities and challenges, Advance HE exists to help higher education shape its future.

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