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Supporting Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Supporting institutions and HE systems to evolve.

Higher education is evolving constantly. Recent global events and developments have accelerated digital transformation and requirements for flexible learning. This transformation requires strategy and culture considerations, workforce development and adaptations to curricula and teaching and learning.

Advance HE has been supporting HE sectors and institutions through this evolution, providing guidance, good practice reports and publications, programmes and events and consultancy and enhancement services.

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Guidance, reports and publications

Student Success Frameworks Series

Best practice frameworks, informed by research, developed with the sector for the sector

The issues impacting on student success are broad and complex, having a shared point of reference and common language to discuss, shape and review policy, process and practice can therefore be an extremely effective way of applying a consistent methodology to leading change. Engaging with our research-informed frameworks in combination, will help identify smarter ways of working. This is achieved through identifying synergies between key strategic priorities that all underpin teaching excellence and the aspiration to support student success in its broadest sense.

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Framework for Flexible Learning in Higher Education

Advance HE believes that flexible learning is about empowering students by offering them choices in how, what, when and where they learn: the pace, place and mode of delivery. Given that flexible learning requires a partnership between all stakeholders, including employers (where relevant), this framework is intended for a wide audience. In particular, it is for those working in higher education (HE) with responsibilities for decision-making in areas such as strategic planning, programme development, administrative systems and structures, technological infrastructures relating to learning and teaching, and employer engagement.

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Beyond Flexible Learning - practice guide

Part of Advance HE's Beyond Flexible Learning member benefit theme, this practice guide for course teams designing and delivering learning, describes the three key teaching modalities that may contribute to blended learning.

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BFL practice guide

More reports

Advance HE’s Knowledge Hub contains several reports, publications, podcasts and resources which discuss digital transformationflexible learning and blended learning.

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Staff development programmes and events

Our programmes and events are carefully designed to support those working in higher education at every level of experience. The following programmes have been developed to support staff through digital transformation:

Teaching Skills Masterclasses

The Teaching Skills Masterclass offers a flexible and evidence-based solution for the development of university-level teachers. It is aimed at exposing staff to new approaches in teaching and learning in higher education.
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New to Teaching

Advance HE has designed New to Teaching to nurture and develop contemporary professional learning, with a particular focus on the basics of effective teaching practice, incorporating the latest innovations in online pedagogies and digital delivery within fully virtual or hybrid teaching spaces.
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Consultancy and enhancement services

Our solutions are informed by our extensive experience and are tailored to serve your exact requirements, ranging from institutional-level interventions to specific programmes. Our consultancy services enhance higher education institutions and further education colleges globally, as well as supporting sector agencies, ministries and other organisations working in HE.

Strategy and Culture Development

We support you to foster an environment enabling productive, committed teams and individuals to thrive. We support you in the development of a strategic framework which is both stretching and adaptive, and having the mechanisms to realise your strategy.

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Active Digital Design (ADD)

ADD prioritises an active approach to learning and teaching using digital design techniques. It recognises that to engage students online and make them active learners, we need to design with a digital-first mindset. 

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Curriculum Reviews

An Advance HE expert can work with your institutional teams using our Curriculum Review Tool (CRT) to evaluate alignment of practice at an institution, faculty or school level and support the development of curricula that drive student and institutional success.

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