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Chairs Development Programme

For Chairs of the Board, whether new to the role or planning ahead for a future Chair role in HE.

The Chairs Development Programme is a dedicated development opportunity and a ‘thinking space’ for incoming and recently appointed chairs to explore their role, and to support them in developing their practice as chair of the board/council. 

It has been designed to support Chairs develop their skills as the role of the governing body in the governance of HE faces increased scrutiny, as higher education institutions adapt to the implications of Covid-19 as well as the evolving tensions and pressures in the external political, financial and policy landscape.

As well as creating a strong, supportive cohort with other participant Chairs, the programme will focus on the latest policy and practice, and behavioural dynamics and relationships, such as developing and building productive relationships between the Chair, Vice-Chancellor, and Board Secretary, between members of the board, and with the Executive, and Senate. There is also a strong focus on the professional development of the Chair, the origins and exercise of authority, diversity and the ‘shadow side’ of leadership and potential derailment.

It comprises a 24 hour residential, as well as two separate development days in the following months.

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