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Disabled Student Commitment: formal consultation

Building on research since its inception in March 2020, the Disabled Students’ Commission is launching a Disabled Student Commitment, which is a call to the sector and its bodies to make the step change that is required to create a more inclusive higher education environment for all. The commitment calls on Higher Education Providers (HEPs), Government, funders, agencies, regulators and professional, statutory and regulatory bodies to look at what they can currently do, what innovative practice they can share, and how they can change.

The Commitment does not seek to replicate or replace legal duties, but asks organisations to do more by focusing on how they can improve the disabled student experience.

The Disabled Students' Commission is now formally consulting on the Commitment, asking the sector for their thoughts on the Commitment and whether it is felt any changes are necessary to help institutions and organisations commit to improving the experiences of disabled people in higher education.

Disabled Student Commitment: formal consultation
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