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Leadership Development for Research Team Leaders

Institution: A pre-92 research-intensive university in Wales


Research staff from the university were among the first to attend the Leadership Foundation's two-day training programme Research Team Leadership (RTL) and recommended it highly.

The project

Based on this feedback, Human Resources decided to look into ways to incorporate RTL into the university's staff development programme. The aims were, most importantly, to find ways to add value to what was learnt on training, to support research team leaders apply what they had learnt and to help them engage with others across the university.

The Human Resources team negotiated with the Leadership Foundation to run an RTL-based module within the university's broader programme, Leadership and Management Development Programme for Research Team Leaders, launched in 2007. The new module includes additional training activities and sustained support for participants.


The response has been excellent. By the end of the programme the university's research team leaders have improved their confidence and skills, widened their network of contacts and understood the university’s procedures and its strategic goals better. This programme is now a regular event and the pool of trained, competent and motivated research team leaders is beginning to grow.