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Change Impact Programmes

Change Impact Programmes (ChIPs) provide a collaborative space for institutions to drive transformational and lasting change.

Change Impact Programmes (ChIPs) provide a collaborative space for institutions to drive transformational and lasting change against specific projects or challenges affecting the institution, defining this at a local level, and then working to address challenges to resolution, through implementing strategies and practices from the focused activity, and evaluating these for impact against the identified challenge.

Investing in a Change Impact Programme is to invest in your institutions future in an ever-evolving landscape.

The Change Impact Programmes are regularly reviewed and refreshed to ensure we are supporting you with the most current and pressing challenges. New Change Impact Programme cohort dates and topics will be coming soon.

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Following a consultation with our members, Change Impact Programmes are a refreshed approach to our existing Collaborative Projects.

What to expect from a Change Impact Programme?

  • Refreshed approach to existing collaborative projects following consultations with participating institutions
  • Focus on transformational change against a specific challenge and measuring the impact of the change, providing institutions with metrics and narratives of impact to present to key stakeholders
  • Continue to promote collaboration and sharing best practice to celebrate innovation and impact.
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Key features:

  • Expert guidance from an Advance HE consultant
  • Tailored strategies developed for your institution
  • Evidence-based approaches to change
  • Establishing communities of practice for forward-thinking collaboration
MWBHE Conference 2023
By collaborating with other schools it has shown that there are a number of shared issues, challenges and areas of focus for development across the sector … The project has helped foster relationships with our peers and through these we are now starting to build on some of the ideas generated during the project work.”

Hull York Medical School

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Current Change Impact Programmes

Recruitment has closed for our Change Impact Programmes, but you are able to register your interest for future cohorts.

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