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Member Project 23-24 - Generative AI: Beyond Assessment

This member benefit takes us beyond current debates on AI and assessment to consider in-depth other ways the technology will impact higher education and the communities we serve.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world at an unprecedented pace, and higher education is no exception. The big challenge for higher education concerning AI is not simply what changes it will bring but the speed at which it will happen. How can we prepare our students for the future of work and society in the age of AI, and how do we remain 'fit for purpose'? 

We have seen considerable concentration on assessment in higher education over the last year, but we must widen the conversation. We need to focus on employability, and ensuring that our students can find jobs and giving them the skills to adapt to a quickly changing world.

Charles Knight, Assistant Director, Knowledge and Innovation and project lead, introduces the project below.


This project is relevant to: All members

Job functions: Academics, Learning Designers and Technologists, Employability and Careers Staff, Student Experience, Middle Management and Senior Leaders.

Explore the individual projects


AI Garage - Creating the Future Now

By collecting and curating cutting-edge practice examples, we aim to provide insights into AI's current and future possibilities for enhancing teaching, learning, research and administration.

Find out more

AI Futures from the Ground Up

This benefit explores how AI will transform the higher education sector from a bottom-up perspective. It will consist of three round tables, each building on the insights and feedback from the previous one.

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AI and employability – What's happening beyond our walls?

This project aims to create a dialogue between external stakeholders like industry and regulatory bodies collaborating with higher education institutions (HEIs) on artificial intelligence.

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Output 1 - Practice Submission

Are you using AI to enhance practice in higher education?

Do you want to share your innovative ideas and practices with a broader audience?

If so, we invite you to submit a 200-word summary of your cutting-edge practice with AI in higher education. We will showcase these on the project page and spotlight some monthly contributors to talk more in-depth about what they are doing. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight your work, network with other practitioners, and learn from each other. We are interested in submissions from any discipline in any part of the world - the only exception is that we aren't interested in projects on assessment or academic integrity. Your project doesn't have to involve students - just AI in an higher education context.

To participate, please complete the survey.
Share your case study

Output 2 - Explore the Submissions

Submissions to the AI Garage will appear in the Knowledge Hub. Use the Garage to explore and understand the breadth of cutting-edge practice of AI in different contexts.

Please note that we update the AI Garage on a rolling basis to ensure we have a regular flow of new projects. It may take a month or two to appear in the garage.
Explore the AI Garage

Output 2 - Reflective report

We will create a short report synthesising the submitted cutting-edge practices that give a snapshot of how AI will be incorporated into Higher Education soon. It provides examples of practice via spotlight interviews and analysis of what this means for near-term trends, opportunities and issues.


Charles Knight

Assistant Director, Knowledge & Innovation
Advance HE
Charles Knight
Charles is an academic leader with a proven track record of delivery in the areas of learning and teaching and enterprise. Prior to joining Advance HE, he was Associate Dean (Student Experience) at Salford Business School where he worked with colleagues to introduce a series of innovative practices including short technical qualifications, block teaching and an increased emphasis on the use of simulations and experimental learning. He was also involved in setting up a North-West Attainment Gap group bring together business schools.
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Output  - Reflections and Recommendations report

This report presents the main findings and insights from three round tables organised by Advance HE, where experts and practitioners discussed the opportunities and challenges of integrating AI into Higher Education. Based on the round table discussions, the report offers some recommendations for enhancing the quality and effectiveness of AI-enhanced practice in Higher Education.

Output  - Round tables

These interactive round table events will explore how AI will transform the higher education sector from a bottom-up perspective. We will bring together three different groups within higher education, starting from students, teachers and researchers, each discussion will build on the insights and feedback from the previous one.


Vic Stephenson

Senior Consultant - Education
Advance HE
Vic Stephenson
Vic is a Senior Consultant at Advance HE, designing and delivering support and training on inclusive pedagogy approaches and leading a range of collaborative projects to enhance quality, student experience and outcomes. She has over 25 years of experience in education as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager and assessment specialist. Vic’s main interests are in international education, inclusive curricula and assessment design and technology-enhanced learning.
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Output 1 - Webinar 1:The Industry Perspective

In the first webinar, we will explore the impact of artificial intelligence on various fields and professions. We have brought together a panel of experts from different sectors and domains to share their insights and experiences on how AI is transforming their work processes, challenges and opportunities. We will also discuss what kind of competencies and qualifications are required for the future workforce in the era of AI.

Output 2 - Webinar 2:The Perspective from Accrediting, Public, Regulatory and Statutory Bodies

Professional bodies and PSRBs (Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies) play a key role in shaping the standards and expectations of higher education. They accredit courses, endorse qualifications, and support the development of skills and competencies for various professions. This webinar will discuss how AI transforms how professional bodies and other statutory and regulatory bodies operate and interact with institutions. We will explore AI's opportunities and challenges for enhancing quality assurance, curriculum design, assessment, and lifelong learning. We will also examine AI's ethical and social implications for professional practice and education.


Professor Mark O'Hara

Senior Consultant, Education
Advance HE
Mark O'Hara
Professor Mark O’Hara has over 30 years of experience in Higher Education in a wide variety of roles including programme leader, Head of Student Experience, Associate Dean and Associate PVC. His current role is as a Senior Consultant (Education) with Advance HE. Mark’s interests include student enablement, staff leadership development and inclusion in Higher Education.

John Sumpter

Senior Consultant in Education
Advance HE
John Sumpter
As a senior consultant, he has an impressive track record of driving positive change at the international, national, and government levels. With an extensive work experience that includes tenure at three universities and two national sector organizations, Jisc and Advance HE.
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Dr Kay Hack, Lead consultant, Education at Advance HE, and Professor Rachel Dunscome, visiting professor in digital health leadership at Imperial College London, and CEO of OpenEHR discuss Generative AI and its role in the healthcare sector and wider impact on higher education.

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