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Student Recruitment, Retention and Attainment

Resources on equality and diversity considerations for academics and teaching staff as well as specific guidance on admissions, attainment and making adjustments.

Student Recruitment

Recruitment and admissions in HE

Equitable student recruitment is key to advancing opportunity and creating a diverse student population.
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Recruitment and admissions in colleges

Equitable student recruitment is key to advancing opportunity and creating a diverse student population in your college.
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Widening participation and equality

Widening participation strategies (WP) help underrepresented groups to access further or higher education to continue their education.
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Articulation and equality

Understanding how different articulation students progress can help you advance equality of opportunity for students whatever their protected characteristic.
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Attracting and increasing student diversity

Increasing student diversity across a range of equality characteristics and socioeconomic backgrounds.
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Student Retention

Inclusive learning and teaching

Provide support, adjustments and inclusive learning materials.
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Pregnant students, prospective and current parents

Ensure that your students are not discriminated against on the grounds of pregnancy or maternity.
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Embedding equality in student services

Improve the student service experience in your institution through data collection, analysis and commuication.
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Student Attainment

Degree attainment gaps

The degree attainment gap is the difference in ‘top degrees’ awarded to different groups of students. The biggest differences are found by ethnic background.
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Graduate employability

Many groups are underrepresented in the general workforce and key professions. Universities and colleges can work to improve employability for all graduates.
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Supporting disabled learners to realise their potential in colleges

Disabled learners are clustered in lower SCQF levels. Colleges can take actions to improve their attainment and progression.
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