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Global Executive Leaders - Singapore

Global Executive Leaders Immersion - Singapore

How higher education institutions can strategically support civic development

The world is facing unprecedented challenges arising from climate change, ageing demographics, acceleration of technology and rising inequities. At the same time, the pace of change in the global higher education landscape is accelerating. Competition for international students is increasing across the world, as funding models recognise their value. Meanwhile lifelong learning strategies enacted at national levels are seeking to ensure that local populations are upskilled for incoming technologies, incentivising greater partnerships between higher education institutions and businesses. 

The Global Executive Leaders Immersion will look at how these challenges present opportunities for leaders in higher education, innovators and policymakers.

This new programme goes beyond the international immersion module from our Top Management Programme for Higher Education, providing a new bespoke international immersion programme delivered in Singapore for executive leaders from across the globe that will provide a different lens and set of experiences.

Participants will understand themselves differently as leaders, learning from the impact they make on shaping the peer group experience which they will co-create together in Singapore, exploring the key role in leadership of place in an area of the world seen as likely to be key in the evolution of higher education as we look ahead towards 2040

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Exploring the role of higher education in supporting civic development

Participants of the Global Executive Leaders Immersion will:

  • Understand how higher education institutions can strategically contribute to local communities, fostering employment, supporting enterprises, and instilling pride.
  • Consider how higher education institutions can break down silos, collaborate externally, and think holistically for positive change.
  • Explore how Singapore’s model of integrating national and trans-national education, research, industry, and community bridges academia with real-world challenges, and drive
  • Based on learnings, consider how to adapt strategies and plan for scalability, sustainability, and societal impact.
  • Build meaningful connections with senior leaders across sectors, establishing a global network for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Who is the Global Executive Leaders Immersion for?

The programme has been designed to create greater understanding as to how institutions can support, enable, and be enabled by the local and regional communities in which they operate.

Delegates will be often be the institutional leader which may include Vice-Chancellor or Chief Executive, Pro Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and executive level professional services with a remit in this space.