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Member projects 2023-24

These projects provide the opportunity for members to collaborate with each other and Advance HE on contemporary challenges faced by the sector to co-create new and practical solutions.

Member projects will run throughout the membership year. Projects are listed below; for projects that are not yet live, you can register your interest to receive updates when they launch. 

The annual projects are designed to be relevant to all members, no matter where they are located or what kind of institution they represent.

Explore the projects, and the resources, created in other membership years.

Membership Benefits 2023-24

Advance HE membership supports institutional and individual success. Explore the other benefits of membership.

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Advance HE organised inspiring talks that have given me new ways of thinking. Its panelists have made me question my beliefs and I feel that I have a much richer and deeper understanding of the topics that were presented within higher education. Highly recommended!"

Feedback from an event attendee in 2023

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Member Projects

Fit for the future: Innovative models of HE

The combined impact of the cost-of-living crisis and post-pandemic changes in student behaviour and expectations is necessitating institutions to consider the nature and structure of HE they provide.

This member benefit aims to help members adapt to rapidly evolving markets and novel environmental shocks by exploring innovative and unconventional approaches to how higher education is structured and provided.

Exploring ways to incorporate emerging technologies, interdisciplinary collaboration and experiential learning into higher education create a more inclusive, accessible, and impactful education system.
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Generative AI: Beyond Assessment

Large Language Models and other forms of AI are influencing ways of working and will revolutionise how we approach research, collaboration, teaching and learning. There is a recognised need for a considered, less polarised exploration of the issues and opportunities AI presents for regulators, institutions, staff and students alike.

This member benefit takes us beyond current debates on AI and assessment to consider in-depth other ways the technology will impact higher education and the communities we serve.
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Creating a culture for Strategic EDI Change

Leading and achieving meaningful transformation and lasting change in inclusivity requires a multifaceted approach involving a deep understanding of the organisation’s culture, its values, and its stakeholders.
Developing institutional confidence and cultural competence to achieve success is a significant undertaking and requires a shared commitment and leadership from across communities.

This member benefit looks at creating and implementing a clear vision and mission for real change.
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Growing the HE workforce of the future

Looking to the future of the higher education sector, it is vital to consider the workforce that will drive its success.

This requires a strategic approach to ensure institutions can identify, recruit, develop and retain the necessary talent in their academic, professional and ‘third space’ communities.

This project provides insight into emerging trends, understanding potential new roles, the people development required, and the impact on promotion and recognition structures.
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Other projects 

Not all of our member projects run on an annual basis. As we are reactive to our member's needs, member projects might start during a year or run across multiple years. 

Academic Assurance

This is the collaborative project between Advance HE, UUK, CUC and GuildHE which aims to convene the sector to understand shared challenges and approaches to academic assurance.
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Measuring What Matters

This project explores how higher education governing bodies are currently measuring and articulating performance in order to better evidence the value that they create for all stakeholders.
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Identifying, developing and supporting Academic Leadership: An Evidence Informed Review Of Good Practice

Led by Geraldine Harrison, Advance HE Associate in collaboration with Universities HR, this review explores how HEIs can support Academic Leadership.
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If you cannot see the form below in your browser you can also access the form here to register your interest in the Member Projects for 2023-24.