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Membership for HE Providers in the UK 

Designed to enable institutional, staff and student success, Advance HE membership packages give you access to world-leading services, supporting you in reaching your institutional and individual goals.

The member benefits for this year are shaped through consultative conversations with our members, and our strategic advisory groups. We’ve heard that members would value support in:

  • responding to the combined impact of AI, the cost of living crisis and student engagement in a post-pandemic context
  • promoting a strong sense of belonging and addressing retention
  • understanding and responding to changes and challenges in the regulatory environment
  • attracting, retaining and rewarding talented staff with progressive pathways
  • growing a shared leadership of EDI and developing cultural competence
  • balancing research and teaching and building a positive research culture.

Led by your feedback, we will continue to provide you with resources, networks and development opportunities that respond to your changing needs.

Find out what member benefits are available to your institution

Not sure if your institution is already a member? Check our current member list.

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Membership for HE providers in the UK

This package of Membership gives you access to the full range of our core member benefit services and one of our accreditation options.

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Nation member benefits

Our members in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales work under different contexts and have different challenges. 

To ensure we can support their institutional goals, we create a set of member projects and events for each nation. Members in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales also get access the member projects available to all our members. Use the buttons below to find out more.

Northern Ireland

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Learn more about member benefits available to institutions in the Republic of Ireland, visit the Irish membership page. You can explore all the member benefit packages on the Membership homepage

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Working with you

Our ‘working with you’ member benefits facilitate collaboration, co-creation and understanding amongst our member base, supporting you to overcome the challenges of the modern HE and FE sector in the UK. 

Member projects

Our strategic member projects bring together expertise from across our global membership, creating new thinking and practical, accessible, evidence-based solutions.
Explore this year's projects

Collaborative Development Fund

Project funding supports the development of our members by addressing key sector challenges together.
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Digital development

We are developing a series of self-directed e-learning modules on Academic Integrity and introduction to HE, with a view to launching by the end of 2023.
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Dedicated Advance HE Contact

Your Head of Membership is a sounding-board with strategic understanding of your context, stakeholders and objectives.
Meet the team

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advice Service

Only available in the UK, the Advice Service provides support and guidance on policy, practice and concerns.
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Governance expertise

We have supported the sector for 20 years, providing members with a wealth of resources and consultancy support enabling effective governance.
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Publications, projects and resources

Exclusive access to the latest practical support from Advance HE and a bank of over 8,400 resources.
Explore resources

Student Surveys

Understand and enhance the student academic experience with discounted access to surveys.
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Strategic Advisory Groups

Member-led groups ensure that we develop member benefits in the areas that deliver the most value to you.
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Connecting our members

Connect with your sector peers to share knowledge, insight and guidance via face-to-face events and online networks.

DVC/PVC Network

The Advance HE DVC/PVC Network is a highly valued and influential community of DVCs, PVCs and equivalent senior leaders with a brief for teaching and learning.
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Provost/DVC Network

The Advance HE Provost / DVC Network formed in late 2022 and is a community of Provosts, DVCs, Vice Principals and equivalent senior leaders in higher education who have roles that are institution-wide and not attached to a specific portfolio.
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Advance HE Connect

Advance HE Connect is an online community of practice exclusively for the higher and further education sector with over 19,000 participants from around the world.
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Charters networking events

Charters networking events provide updates to members, and support to institutions who are about to embark on, or are in the process of, applying for an Athena Swan or Race Equality Charter award.
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Accredited Programme Leader Network

This dedicated network hosted within Advance HE Connect provides an opportunity for all those leading and managing accredited provisions to connect.
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Strengthening your membership

Our ‘strengthening your membership' member benefits are designed to work in partnership with you, delivering modern frameworks for institutional and individual recognition, and evidence-based, accessible solutions fit for the rapidly evolving sector environment.

Leadership Survey and Framework

Using the unique evidence base created by the survey, we will work with members to explore the development of a framework that articulates the dimensions that contribute to effective leadership.
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Student Success Framework Series

Our research-informed Student Success Framework Series will see the final stages of the review and the launch of the redesigned frameworks in the coming year.
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Equality Charters

We continue to assess our approach to integrating equalities. Members will continue to receive support in implementing the transformed Athena Swan Charter, and the updated Race Equality Charter.
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Celebrating and recognising success

We bring people together to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution colleagues from our member institutions make to education.

Teaching Excellence Awards

The members-only National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS), and the Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) showcase the impact of individuals and teams.
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Fellowship demonstrates a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning.
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Member feedback is clear as to the importance of Teaching and Learning Accreditation, Athena Swan and Race Equality Charters. In addition to the ongoing enhancement of these services, we are investing in strengthening the developmental support available to members who choose to engage with these packages.

Advance HE membership gives you the flexibility to tailor your accreditation package to meet your strategic priorities. It includes one of Teaching and Learning Accreditation, the Athena Swan or Race Equality Charter, with the option to include others for an additional cost.


Teaching and Learning Accreditation

Advance HE Teaching and Learning Accreditation reinforces your institution's commitment to the professional development of the wide range of staff that have a role in teaching and learning. Accreditation confirms alignment with the Professional Standards Framework (PSF) and enables accredited members to award Fellowships.

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Athena Swan

The Athena Swan Charter provides a robust framework through which institutions and departments work to identify and address barriers to gender equality, and have their commitment to, and progress in removing these barriers recognised. A new streamlined Charter was made available to members in July 2021, which has been developed with the support and input of the sector at every stage.

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Race Equality Charter

The Race Equality Charter provides a rigorous and robust approach through which institutions work to critically reflect and act on institutional and cultural barriers standing in the way of the progression, retention and success of racially minoritised staff and students. The Charter accelerates institutions’ actions on their commitments utilising an evidence-informed approach to progress in developing and changing long-term and sustainable solutions.

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Discounted access

  • 50% discount on all fees related to direct Fellowship applications for individual members of staff
  • 25% discount on our wide portfolio of programmes, conferences and events developed to meet the needs of specific career stages
  • 10% member discount on bespoke consultancy services which support institutions to shape and deliver their strategic priorities
  • The discounted total price of £2,625 which covers UKES, PTES and PRES Student Surveys
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