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Student Engagement Conference 2021

Leadership in Higher Education

Support for those new to leading or wanting to enhance their leadership practice.

Diverse and representative leadership at all levels in higher education is critical to ensuring that the provider, and the leaders within, can respond successfully to the rapidly changing pressures that it faces.

Our portfolio helps to create pathways to leadership and will support you in building a more diverse pool of leaders with the skills, competencies and behaviours that enable and enhance effective HE leadership now and into the future.

We are committed to working with you to help deliver on your priorities and ambitions by supporting you to address the barriers that could be impacting your own, or your team’s, professional development or enhancement of practice.

Shaped by your feedback, our Developing Leadership in Higher Education programmes and events portfolio for 2024-25 offers a range of opportunities supporting the professional development of new and existing leaders.

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NEW programmes, conferences and events portfolio for 2024-25

Our new portfolio for 2024-25 blends high-quality learning and insight-sharing opportunities delivered using a range of innovative techniques and platforms both in person and virtually. If your organisation is an Advance HE member you could benefit from a 25% discount on booking prices across our portfolio.

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Programmes and Events brochure 2024-25

5% Early Booking Discount available

There is a 5% early booking discount for bookings made before 30 September 2024 on this service. This is in addition to a 25% discount if your organisation is an Advance HE member.

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Top Management Programme for Higher Education

Developing senior leaders in higher education

A development opportunity specifically created for those in an executive role in a higher education institution. Over 60 of the current UK Vice-Chancellors and Principals are TMP HE alumni, with many of the other past participants of TMP HE holding some of the most senior posts throughout higher education.

The challenges facing higher education both in the UK and internationally continue to grow in their scale and complexity; this emphasises the need for institutions to have confident, forward thinking and effective executive leadership with the agility and innovation to respond.

Executive leaders also need space and opportunity to think differently and build effective networks, skills and insights to sustain their roles and contribution for both their personal benefit and be a fully contributing member of the Executive team.

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Top Management Programme
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Transition to Leadership

Enhance your leadership skills and become an authentic leader

Those entering leadership roles for the first time during these challenging times need to be fully equipped to do so, particularly when those roles involve leading academic teams and colleagues.

Transition to Leadership will explore your personal leadership, your team leadership and your change leadership style. By understanding your own resilience and how you can influence and inspire others you will learn new approaches to manage difficult situations and enable institutional change to happen.

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Plan your professional development for 2024-25 using our Development Planner

Whether you are looking to enhance your practice, share insights or identify the next step in your professional development, by answering only a few short questions our new Development Planner will guide you to a range of development opportunities that meet your requirements. Try it today.

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Research Team Leadership in Changing Times

Stay flexible and effective in the modern research environment

For those new to a research team leadership role, developing the necessary practical skills combined with the requirements of meeting research delivery objectives in the ever-changing work environment can be particularly challenging.

Having just celebrated its 100th cohort, this programme has a proven record of helping new team leaders meet their aims and challenges in the ever-changing research world through a variety of flexible approaches. Facilitator David Faraday ensures the format is “provocative, engaging and fun”.

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Leading Departments

New and experienced heads of department / school or service leads

Leading Departments is designed to engage, support and develop new Heads of Department to meet the operational and commercial challenges of leading and managing academic or service teams.
In this short video, previous Leading Department participants and the delivery team talk about their experiences of the programme.

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Speak Out: Exploring Protected Beliefs and Free Speech in UK Higher Education

Improve your understanding to navigate protected beliefs and freedom of speech in higher education

The interplay between protected beliefs and freedom of speech is at the heart of Higher Education in the UK, a cornerstone of discourse and central to delivering an inclusive experience for students and staff. These fundamental principles can intersect in complex and contentious ways. Securing free speech and academic freedom on topics such as trans inclusion and gender critical feminism, or in relation to Israel/Gaza, whilst also preventing harassment, can pose a challenge for institutions.

Strengthen understanding and build confidence to ensure protected beliefs and freedom of speech are protected and promoted, from ‘classroom to boardroom’.

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Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme

The shortage of senior women at the most senior levels in institutions is still a challenge, despite some improvements at executive and board levels in recent years.

Our Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme (formerly Leadership Matters) is one of our women-only programmes designed specifically for women in senior positions in HE to help them take the next step up or extend their role, profile and impact. It aims to create more gender parity in senior leadership within higher education

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One to one coaching

One-to-One Executive Coaching

Developing new perspectives and solutions
Group discussion

Leadership Excellence Symposium 2025

New for 24/25, this symposium will leverage insights from recent strategic developments

Research Leadership Development Programme

Our Research Leadership Development Programme supports the development of research leaders at all levels in an institution to improve on existing research culture and research outcomes. The programme has three tiers, providing development for aspiring, emerging, and established research leaders. Each tier is uniquely tailored to support the organisational and individual needs at these career stages.

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Leading Educational Change

Leading Educational Change Programme is a leadership program that focuses on collaborative management and delivery of education change projects, enhancing understanding and collaboration.

Leading Educational Change will support and develop staff in positions of strategic responsibility for education delivery and change projects. It will prepare and develop education leaders (both academic and professional) to meet current and emerging challenges in relation to student education and experience, understand sector issues and trends that impact their role and optimise their impact and efficacy in relation to education change.

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Vice-Chancellor Transition Programme

Supporting newly appointed Vice-Chancellors to effectively transition into their new roles.

The role of Vice-Chancellor is an increasingly complex and challenging one and has taken on even greater importance in the current rapidly changing environment in which the higher education sector operates.

Changing geo-political forces; adapting to a post-Covid world; increasing competition and the need to build new relationships; all call for a different kind of leadership that builds and sustains inclusion. Confident, capable leaders adapt, grow and diversify their talents, their teams and their institutions to respond to future challenges.

Aimed at complementing the UUK New Vice-Chancellors' programme, the new Vice-Chancellor Transition Programme supports newly appointed Vice-Chancellors in preparing for and transitioning to their new role, helping them become more effective, develop new skills and confidence, and enabling them to lead their institutions effectively right from the start of their tenure.

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Enhancing Programme Leadership

This virtual programme aims to support programme leaders at a time when they may be new to leadership, or looking to gain confidence in their leadership skills. It will address their unique challenges, opportunities and realities, by developing their networks and skills and providing tools to enable them to thrive in this unique role.

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Strategic Leadership Programme

Developing flexible and resilient leaders

The Strategic Leadership Programme aims to build flexible and resilient leaders, capable of delivering large-scale change, by providing opportunities to share insights, work with a support network of peers and reflect on leadership styles and frameworks for life beyond the programme.

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Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership

Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership

Explore and develop your leadership identity

The development of an effective strategic leader in the volatile and challenging HE sector is rooted in their ability to connect with the institution’s purpose. It is through this connection that an effective leader can manage organisational change, develop emotional intelligence and personal resilience, handle sensitive issues and proactively engage in strategic response to sector issues or provocation.

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Diversifying Leadership

Tackling the under-representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic leaders in HE institutions

This programme is designed to support early-career academics and professional services staff from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds who are about to take their first steps into a leadership role.

It explores themes of power and influence, demystifying leadership, cultural identity and cultural capital, increasing your visibility and authentic leadership and features leadership stories from high-profile HE leaders.

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Senior and Principal Fellowship Support Programmes

The programmes will provide guidance, dedicated writing sessions, review of a draft PSF 2023 application with one-to-one feedback, before direct submission to Advance HE.
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Senior Fellow Writing Retreat

The online Senior Fellow Writing Retreat is an invaluable opportunity to have the time and space to progress your application to become a Senior Fellow, receiving expert analysis and feedback in the process. Held over one day, the retreat offers you the chance to transform your notes and thoughts into an application that matches Advance HE’s criteria for Senior Fellowship.
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Principal Fellow Record of Strategic Educational Impact Support Sessions

The Principal Fellowship Guidance for Record of Strategic Educational Impact support session provides participants with an opportunity to outline and discuss the evidence that they plan to include in an application for Principal Fellowship.
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