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Effective Governance

We have experience and expertise in supporting governing bodies across the UK to aid with board effectiveness, governor development, strategic sessions and widersupport for the governance community. Our support is realised through national programmes, topical events, action research and tailored services for individual institutions.

Evolving higher education governance brochure for 2022-23

Our brochure sets out our support for boards, individual governors and governance professionals including governance programmes, conferences and events for 2022-23. To receive your copy by email please complete the form below.

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Going Forward Together

Our 2022-23 portfolio continues to be shaped by feedback from across the higher education sector and blends high quality learning and insight-sharing opportunities delivered using a range of innovative techniques and platforms both in person and virtually.

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Going forward together
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In a turbulent operating environment all providers need high performing governing bodies that are equipped to determine the strategic course of the organisation. The effectiveness of a board and its committees depends on strong foundations.

At Advance HE we use three key lenses to explore effectiveness, based on years of research and experience evaluating governance in higher education. These are enablers; behaviours; and outcomes. By looking through these three lenses we are able to explore the processes andnpolicies, skills, culture and relationships and impact that add up to deliver good governance. Our programmes, events and bespoke consultancy all use this approach to ensure that your governance is as effective as it can be, drawing on the latest practice and insights from HE and beyond.

Governor Development Programme (GDP)

The Governor Development Programme (GDP) was created in 2005 and built on the earlier initiatives of the Committee of University Chairs (CUC). The programme is designed to support Governors and governance professionals in all HE institutions throughout the UK and various events are held throughout the year.

GDP has been designed to address a broad range of needs across governance, while many of our events may be specifically relevant to those involved in particular aspects or roles within governance, anyone in HE who is interested is welcome to attend any event. Additional topical events will be added throughout the year to help address the evolving HE Governance environment.

In order to provide this selection of events and seminars, we work in partnership with a number of key organisations including CUC, AUA and Guild HE.

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Governance Resources

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