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Advance HE's Global Impact

We champion, enable and inspire individuals, institutions and the HE sector to help deliver world-leading outcomes.

Our vision is that the world-class reputation and standing of HE is enhanced and recognised for transforming lives, enriching society and developing the economy for the better. We work to:

  • transform HE leadership and governance for the new world 
  • enhance teaching and learning for student success
  • drive organisational cultural change to support equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

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Our Global Impact document provides a collation of project success stories and examples of where we have worked across the globe. Complete the form by clicking below and we will send you our Global Impact document.

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There is now a culture of teaching at Walailak University. Before this work, staff did not talk about teaching, whereas now you can hear them discussing their teaching in everyday conversations. Student learning is at the heart of all our work."

Associate Professor Dr. Surin Maisrikrod, Vice President for Global Engagement and Faculty Development, Walailak University, Thailand

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How we work with you

We support institutions and other stakeholders to evolve their strategic practice in the context of changing and challenging operating environments and through a set of interrelated core services across our strategic functions, including:

  • developing and delivering strategic programmes and targeted interventions
  • generating knowledge and insights
  • recognising and accrediting the achievements of individuals and institutions
  • catalysing learning from positive change in HE
  • improving the student and staff experience
  • supporting institutions to be globally competitive
  • delivering a co-ordinated series of capability and capacity building events and programmes
  • providing membership, facilitating extensive networks and communities of practice.
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How can we help you transform HE leadership and governance for the new world?

Confident, capable leaders adapt, grow and diversify their talents, their teams and their institutions to respond to future challenges. We:

  • support governments to build and implement system-wide reforms and development
  • help grow and enhance institutional leadership capacity
  • develop academic leaders to support teaching and research
  • help steer change management programmes to success
  • review governance and academic governance effectiveness.
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How can we help you enhance teaching and learning for student and institutional success?

One of our core focuses is the improvement of teaching and learning in HE. Our capabilities in this area are built on over 17 years’ experience working with institutions across the globe. We:

  • support educational institutions and governments to review, develop and reform teaching and learning strategies and policies
  • provide teacher training and sustainable development programmes adaptable to digital, hybrid and face-to-face learning environments
  • accredit professional development programmes
  • drive quality by providing professional recognition to individuals engaged in teaching and supporting learning
  • help you enhance curricula, student success and employability.
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How can we drive organisational culture change to support equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing?

Creating a culture and environment of dignity, respect and wellbeing is at the heart of our values as an organisation and provides the framework for the work that we do with our members and clients.

Our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) services are built on a legacy of expertise in EDI. Having worked with numerous HE institutions, we understand the range of challenges. We:

  • promote the advancement of women HE leaders
  • support the recruitment, retention and wellbeing of a diverse student and staff community
  • understand and benchmark staff and student perspectives
  • recognise progress and achievement in gender and race equality.
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Advance HE's Global Impact Document

Our Global Impact document provides examples of our work to help HE across the globe be the best it can be. It demonstrates how we can work with you to find solutions to both common and unique challenges faced in your context, and assist you in achieving your goals.

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With an astute international partner like Advance HE, we plan to impart top-notch leadership and management skills to vice-chancellors, mid-senior level functionaries and academic administrators across HEIs in India. We are hopeful that this partnership will catalyse a more substantial transformation through which more and more HEIs will find their names on the top in global university ranking in the future.”

Dr. D.P. Singh, Chairman, University Grants Commission, India