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Academic Governance Reviews

Members of governing bodies in all HE providers need to have confidence in their academic governance, especially given their duty to provide academic assurance, which requires members to rely on the institution’s academic governance arrangements.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the HEI’s ability to deliver learning and teaching has increased the attention on academic governance and assurance and its role in navigating the transformations needed for years to come.

Drawing upon our extensive pool of governance experts we work with you to review academic governance provision. Our approach is based on our Framework for Academic Governance and covers areas such as; the maintenance of academic standards, defining and monitoring academic quality and continuous improvement in quality of provision.

Find out more about how we can support your board and governors with academic governance and assurance.

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The 3-stage academic governance review

Informed by our framework for academic governance and drawing upon our extensive pool of governance experts we work with you to evaluate effective academic governance.

Stage 1: enablers

We work with you to assess the embeddedness of the six enablers for academic assurance culture (respect, understanding, reports, information, student engagement and expertise).

Stage 2: relationships

We look at how responsibilities have been discharged and the effectiveness of the system for implementing key policies. We also consider behaviours within the institution that enable effective academic governance.

Stage 3: behaviours and outcomes

We support you in implementing a system to review the contribution of the academic governance system to enhancing institutional performance and the added value provided through its activities.

Reviewing Academic Governance in HE: a framework

Our approach to our Academic Governance Reviews is based on our framework ‘Reviewing Academic Governance in HE’. This framework sets out some key factors for the consideration of academic governance effectiveness and is intended as a tool to support higher education institutions and further education colleges delivering higher education in their own effectiveness reviews. It draws on work by Advance HE and the Committee of University Chairs (CUC).

The framework has been developed to guide managers and governing bodies as they seek to review the effectiveness of academic governance. Members of governing bodies in all higher education providers need to have confidence in academic governance given that they now have a specific duty to provide academic assurance – an assurance that requires members to rely on the institution’s academic governance arrangements.

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"Academic governance is a  system that ensures the  institution’s standards are  maintained, quality is defined and  monitored, and there is continuous  improvement.”  Advance HE Insight Guide:  governing bodies and  academic assurance,  2017
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