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Supporting institutions to embed employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship for successful graduate outcomes

Helping to identify strengths and challenges, develop and implement strategies and share good practice examples from across the globe.

To be addressed effectively, employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship should be embedded into all learning and teaching policies, processes and practices and considered throughout the student lifecycle, from the very start of a student programme through to completion of their studies. Graduates should be equipped to make successful transitions not just on graduation but throughout their life, and to manage their careers effectively.

Advance HE have been at the forefront of supporting higher education institutions to embed employability, helping to identify strengths and challenges, develop and implement strategies and sharing good practice examples from across the globe.

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Framework for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education

Approaches to teaching and learning, by their very nature, often encompass entrepreneurial learning. Regardless of whether these are labelled as enterprise and entrepreneurship education, the enhancement of appropriate skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviours necessary for transforming creative ideas into actions are of ever-increasing importance across all disciplinary areas.  

This framework is designed to inform and support the activities of those educators who interact with students through the development and delivery of enterprise and entrepreneurship curriculum and/or extracurricular activity. 

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Essentials Frameworks - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education
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Framework for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education

Designed to inform and support educators who deliver the curriculum or extracurricular activities to students, the framework focuses on the ways in which enterprise and entrepreneurship education can add value to the learner’s journey, whether they are interested in starting their own venture or being enterprising when working for someone else in the private, public or voluntary and community sector. 

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How we support institutions

Advance HE's support is tailored to your institutional context, taking into account your policy environment, student demographics and teaching and learning goals. 

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Framework Audits

Using our frameworks, an audit takes a diagnostic approach, analysing institutional, faculty, department and/or programme performance against the framework.

A completed audit is a powerful tool. It will provide a clear view of your employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship strengths, highlighting where you currently achieve good practice, along with a set of focused recommendations.

Tailored support for your recommendations

We can put together a bespoke package of support to help with the implementation of the recommendations from your audit.

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Strategy reviews and development

Advance HE can provide an external perspective on your overarching Teaching and Learning Strategy or your Employability, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Strategy supporting you to deliver on your own vision and mission. Drawing on deep expertise within learning, teaching and employability, and knowledge of the wider sector and policy developments, we can provide a critical review of the implementation of your strategy.

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Read about how we supported Abu Dhabi University (ADU) with their employability strategy. ADU has been ranked best for employability in the United Arab Emirates and third in the Arab world, according to the Global Employability Ranking and Survey 2020 (GEURS), a study published by French consultancy Emerging and Times Higher Education.

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Curriculum reviews

An Advance HE expert can work with your institutional teams using our Curriculum Review Tool (CRT) to evaluate alignment of practice at an institution, faculty or school level and support the development of curricula that drive student and institutional success.

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Teaching Skills Masterclass

The Teaching Skills Masterclass offers a flexible and evidence-based solution for the development of university-level teachers. It is aimed at exposing staff to new approaches in teaching and learning in higher education.

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Access our library of employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship resources

We have curated our employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship resources in our guidance section. The resources include our latest blogs, a guide to the employability framework, a review of the literature and collections of case studies.

Employability resources
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Project Success Story: Employability strategy and Teaching and Learning enhancement lead to awards and recognition at Abu Dhabi University

To enable the employability pillar of its 2017-2022 strategy ADU partnered with Advance HE in 2017 to implement its employability strategy. The vision was to develop a culture of learning and teaching excellence in its faculty as the catalyst for improving student outcomes and experience.

Concurrently, ADU invested in upskilling faculty teaching competence and learning leadership in the university, working in collaboration with Advance HE.  The institution took a learning and development needs approach to supporting and recognising its staff.

Following the successful implementation of its employability strategy, ADU:

  • graduates have been rated the most employable in the United Arab Emirates in the Times Higher ‘Graduate Employability Rankings’
  • was ranked 1st  in the UAE for employability, 2nd  in the GCC and 170th globally
  • was ranked 1st for teaching in the UAE in Timer Higher 2022 World University rankings
  • received the prestigious 5 Star QS rating for the first time. 
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