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Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion e-Learning Course

Supporting staff to tackle inequalities within higher education.

Higher education (HE) is being challenged to become accessible, inclusive and representative of the society we live in. The questions of discrimination, harassment and victimisation are often thought of as individual issues, but institutions, particularly those that are public bodies, also have duties under the Equality Act 2010.

Our new e-Learning course aims to provide participants with the fundamental basis for understanding issues around equality, diversity and inclusion within higher education and will encourage behaviours that build inclusive cultures at individual and institutional levels.

The course is aimed at all staff within an institution and complements our other support in the area of tackling racism and race inequalities. This course is available to purchase on an institutional licence only.

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Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to:

  • provide participants with the fundamental basis for understanding issues around equality, diversity and inclusion in HE
  • raise awareness and understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion at the individual and institutional level
  • encourage self-awareness of participants position in regard to equality, diversity and inclusion challenges, including reflecting on the impact of their own behaviours and how they interact with others.
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The course

Recommended as two online modules, the course covers:

  • the concepts of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • the basic definitions and provisions of the Equality Act 2010
  • the benefits of increased diversity and inclusion within institutions
  • the difference between individual and systemic oppression
  • participant's role in building a diverse and inclusive culture
  • challenging unacceptable behaviours including hate crime and cyberbullying.
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Being part of a collaborative approach to developing EDI training enabled us to pool our knowledge and experience with peers, and consider different perspectives. This resulted in a final product that was highly relevant to higher education and closely met our institutional needs. The iterative process allowed wider institutional consultation and feedback throughout the process, and the AdvanceHE team were responsive to suggestions for further amendments, particularly around ensuring accessibility of the modules. "

Equality and Diversity Office, University of York

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Our programmes and events are designed to champion progression and build strong and supportive networks that encourage and recognise the commitment to advancing equality, diversity and inclusion in higher education.

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