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These submissions were received from Advance HE members as part of the AI Garage member benefit project in 2023 - 24. This project aims to provide a snapshot of the different kinds of AI projects in progress within the sector, as such we cannot take responsibility for the content of the submissions themselves. Projects featured here are not endorsed or supported by Advance HE. Please reach out directly to the teams to find out more about their work. Find out more about the project.

Please note that we will upload new submissions on a weekly basis to ensure that we have a constant flow of new resources for the sector. 


AI Garage – Personalised and inclusive online courses using GenAI

Personalised and inclusive online courses using GenAI 

Lead institution: The Open University UK 

Country: United Kingdom

Project primary contact: Christothea Herodotou (, Professor of learning technologies and social justice 

Project secondary contact: Denise Whitelock, Chris Edwards, Thomas Ullmann and Duygu Bektik  

Project Title: Personalised and inclusive online courses using GenAI 

The project is: In progress

Project Summary: 

The Institute of Educational Technology, at the Open University UK is piloting ways it can use GenAI to support curriculum production, specifically the creation of personalised and inclusive online courses that respond to individual learning needs. 

It has completed scoping work reviewing relevant international literature and proposing conceptual approaches of how AI and Humans may work together to produce high quality teaching material and activities for online learners. To overcome criticism of GenAI using copyrighted online resources, it has instead used Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to generate content only from institutional resources.  

Pilot results showed that, at the moment, the human contribution is critical to act as a final reviewer and approval of AI outputs, as these require checking and adjustment. Humans contributed to improving the accuracy of the content and made it more suitable to the university context and teaching philosophy. Our approach makes use of best practice in producing online modules such as the Open University Learning Design framework, the Inclusive Curriculum Tool and the Curriculum Management Guide. 

Impact: Generate courses that personalise to the needs of individual students and help them progress and succeed. 

Audience: Online learners 

This output is part of a member project - AI Garage: Creating the Future Now which collects and curates cutting-edge practice examples of AI. You can explore other submissions here.

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The Open University