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Academic Leaders Programme

Institutions: Durham University and Newcastle University


During late 2005 and early 2006 the two universities, supported by the Leadership Foundation, worked together to develop a leadership development programme for recently appointed academic leaders.

The project

The result was the Academic Leaders Programme (ALP), which was launched in April 2006 and is delivered by the Leadership Foundation. The programme, now recruiting its 12th cohort, attracts new or potential heads of department. The 22 places on the programme are shared between the two universities.

This programme is specifically designed to:

·Develop and apply strategic thinking skills both within the participant’s own area of influence and the university more widely.

·Create opportunities for individuals from the two participating universities to network and benchmark practice and to promote collaborative working.

·Develop and apply project management skills spanning the areas of research and teaching.

·Develop personal leadership plans to assist both individual and group development over the course of the programme.

·Develop and apply influencing and persuading skills.