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Anglo-Swedish-Scottish Higher Education Policy Seminar - Autumn 2014

Background: We worked in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and UKA, Swedish Higher Education Authority to run a successful policy seminar in October 2014 between UK and Swedish senior higher education leaders. To create a confidential space to discuss current shared policy issues and ways to future proof the global, national and regional higher education sectors.

Programme: The seminar took place over two days and facilitated discussion around internationalisation strategies, student mobility, competition and collaboration, governance and leadership and funding higher education.

Outcomes: We have created strong links with the Swedish Government and with a range of different Swedish universities. Following the seminars we have arranged for a Top Management Programme, International week to take place in Stockholm. We have also facilitated the partnering of senior leaders in the UK and Sweden with similar universities – allowing sharing of knowledge and best practice, without the worry of providing commercially sensitive information.

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