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Beyond Flexible Learning - introductory video

Part of our Beyond Flexible Learning Member Benefit theme for 2022/23, in this introductory video,  Dr Kay Hack introduces the theme and discusses how HE providers can provide high quality education experiences while leveraging the benefits of online learning for students.

As we move into the post-pandemic world, institutions will have to grapple with the need to resume face-to-face learning while maintaining the benefits for students that flexible learning offers. Teaching practices therefore, will need to adapt to provide flexible and online learning offerings that also foster the social interaction and collaboration that students have missed over the past few years. 

Beyond Flexible Learning seeks to understand how that goal can be achieved, looking at different models for providing the best quality of teaching for students, alongside the need for accessibility for all and the critical social interactions that are a huge part of the student experience.

Watch the video below for more.