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Executive Leaders Peer Mentoring Handbook

This handbook is aimed at all stakeholders who might be involved with a senior executive peer mentoring scheme (SEPMS) and it seeks to support those wishing to engage with a SEPMS in a flexible and efficient way. It starts by explaining the definition of mentoring in this context. It outlines the ideal qualities and the role of a mentor so that both organisers and participants can define who might make an appropriate mentor and what is required. The next section summarises the role of mentees to enable a clear setting of expectations. There is an extensive section for mentors that defines the key skills and techniques they might employ, followed by an outline of the mentoring process. Information is included about one model that some may find helpful.

There is a dedicated section for scheme organisers that deals with more strategic as well as practical considerations. This covers best practice considerations and includes a summary of the research report as referenced in the earlier paragraph. Towards the end of the handbook, there are further references to follow up and suggested pro-formas that can be used.

The handbook is only available to Advance HE members and can be downloaded below.

Executive Leaders Peer Mentoring Handbook
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