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Leadership for the future

Leadership Survey for Higher Education

In September 2022 we invited all higher education leaders (and those in related organisations including research institutes) from all areas, in all roles, formal and informal, in all parts of the world where Advance HE has a connection, to undertake the survey.

The survey was the latest stage in a larger initiative to explore the question ‘What works for leadership in higher education?’ Generating an objective evidence base to deepen our collective understanding of how leadership operates – socially, relationally, structurally and systemically – is at the heart of this project. Linked to this is the goal of establishing a practical and scholarly grounding for supporting and developing leaders and leadership, both formal and informal. We are delighted now to be able to share the results of the survey with HE sectors across the globe.

Within the survey results there are some findings that validate established notions of how HE leadership operates, confirming both common assumptions and familiar perspectives. There are also some potentially challenging revelations, particularly in terms of the contrast between how colleagues see themselves as leaders (their own leadership approach) and how their leadership is experienced by others.

The Leadership Survey for Higher Education report is open to all. Download the report below.

Leadership Survey for Higher Education - report
Leadership Survey for Higher Education - report View Document