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Leadership for the future

Leadership for the Future

This project explores what makes successful leadership in Higher Education Institutions, with particular focus on the required skills, competencies, and approaches to achieve this.

The Advance HE Leadership Scoping Study and Survey Report provides seminal research into leadership in Higher Education. Drawn from the research are eleven qualities (skills, competencies, and approaches) that have been suggested as most important, of which have been identified as hallmarks of ‘good’ leadership: these being ‘authentic’, ‘collaborative’ and ‘adaptable’.  

These qualities will be the focus area for three podcasts, which will serve as a resource that members can use to provide opportunities for reflection and learning as well as to stimulate discussions on leadership within their institutions. 

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Introductory blog: What leadership qualities are essential to enable Higher Education?

Ahead of the launch of the three podcasts exploring the qualities of ‘authenticity’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘adaptability’, colleagues from our Leadership, Organisational Development and Research team, share some initial thoughts on the essential qualities of effective leadership in Higher Education.

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We created three podcasts that focus on three essential qualities of ‘good’ leadership in higher education drawn from the survey: Adaptability, Authenticity and Collaboration. What became clear in the development process, was that each of these qualities is enabled and empowered (or the opposite) by the conditions fostered within our teams and cultures.

These podcasts are intended to initiate a dialogue in and across our institutions on leadership around critical questions including:

  • Does our take on these qualities resonate with yours?
  • Do you see it differently and how? 
  • What have we overlooked?  
  • How are these qualities visible and valued in your context? 
  • Are there spaces and places where they are and others not? 
  • What conditions enable you to do our best work? 
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Meet the team

Fiona Lennox-smith, Project Lead, Lead Consultant in the Leadership, Organisational Development and Research

Fiona Lennoxsmith is Lead Consultant, Leadership, Organisational Development and Research at Advance HE, where she leads a team of senior consultants to design and facilitate innovative leadership interventions, programmes and thought leadership for the Higher Education sector.

Fiona Lennoxsmith
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Sarah Hubbard - Advance HE Senior Consultant in Leadership, Organisational Development and Research

Sarah is a Senior Consultant in the Leadership, Organisational Development and Research team. Sarah’s work is focused around designing for, and enabling participation and alignment, wellbeing and inclusion, leading to improved colleague engagement and performance, enhanced decision making and transformation. 

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Joanne Coysh - Senior Consultant in the Leadership, Organisational Development and Research

Joanne Coysh is a Senior Consultant in the Leadership, Organisational Development and Research team. She has spent the last 25 years working as a consultant, designing and researching collaborative spaces for problem-solving, learning and change with global charities and international organisations working with human rights, international development and humanitarian emergencies. Joanne works globally and with international groups having lived and worked overseas throughout her career.

Joanne Coysh