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Adding value to student experience through co-creation

09 Nov 2022 | Advance HE Students around the UK have been telling us why co-creation is so important, and why they are excited to attend our upcoming Student as Co-Creators Symposium.

Student co-creation is an ambition for many staff and students examining the student experience. Recognising that students can have valuable insights into what, and how, they learn is the first step in a co-creation model, however, ensuring that co-creation will be authentic and inclusive is challenging.

To explore this challenge, Advance HE is hosting the Students as Co-Creators Symposium at The Studio in Manchester on 26 January 2023, providing an opportunity to critically explore the role of all students as co-creators across all areas of their university experience.

We invited students to identify the themes they considered important to discuss at the symposium to model co-creation and to hear this authentic critical voice. Ellis Thomas, a Master’s student at the University of South Wales, discusses why elevating the student experience is critical and reflects on his experience of working with his university to implement their lecture policy. He suggests that the overarching theme for the symposium should be how we can integrate co-creation as a continuous process within the student experience.

Co-creation elevates that student experience for the students, it makes them feel like they are valued and seen as mature individuals who have the ability to shape their own experience and the experience of others.

Not only that but coming from a students’ voice perspective, it also ensures that their voices are heard and are seen as a valuable contribution to learning and teaching within higher education. I think it's really important as part of the sector that voices are heard and co-creation just ensures that it's central to that."

Ellis Thomas

Ellis is speaking from experience as he helped to shape the recording lecture policy at University of South Wales (USW).

[USW] were very keen to get that student voice involved in creating the policy and we considered the benefits, for staff, considering how to protect staff interests, but also to ensure that the student voice is heard, recognising we have a an important perspective and a crucial part to play in shaping our learning experience."

Ellis Thomas

Ellis is excited to attend the Students as Co-Creators Symposium on 26 January 2023 and hear how delegates respond to his challenge to make co-creation a continued and sustained part of the student experience as opposed of one-off projects.

To see the full interview the Ellis, watch the video below.

Students as Co-Creators Symposium 2023: Beyond Engagement - 26 January 2023

The active participation of students in co-creating their learning experience can add value and insights to the student experience for staff, students and institutions, however authentic and inclusive co-creation is challenging. In this symposium we want to critically explore the role of all students as co-creators across all areas of their university experience. Find out more.


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