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NTFS 2022: Excellence provides students with flexibility

12 Oct 2022 | Advance HE New National Teaching Fellow Kelly Preece discusses winning the award and her hopes for what it could mean for the University of Exeter.

The National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) is an award that celebrates individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and learning experience in higher education. It is open to all higher education providers in the UK and can be of major benefit to both the individual recipient and the institution they work for. 

To get a better understanding of what the NTF award means, 2022 recipient Kelly Preece, a Researcher Development/Academic Developer at the University of Exeter spoke to Dr Caitlin Kight, internal NTF lead in the Academic Development Team at the University of Exeter.

In the video interview Kelly said, “I come from a long line of educators, mostly in primary and secondary school. So any recognition for teaching and learning makes me incredibly proud and incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful educators in my family that have come before me.”

As for the impact on her students, she said, “Because I work with post-graduate researchers who can have a little bit of a raw deal in terms of education focus, it’s a fantastic thing to see the importance of working with them and providing them with an excellent education.” 

Kelly was also keen to point out the impact the award could have on the University of Exeter as a whole, being the first recipient from Professional Services at the University to claim the NTF award. She said, “That for me is fantastic, partly to be the first, but I think as well, just because I know the amazing colleagues I have here, there is some truly phenomenal teaching and learning going on, led by our professional service colleagues, and I really look forward to seeing more members of professional services from Exeter going for this award and winning, which I’m sure they will.” 

Watch the whole video below.  

Nominations for the 2023 National Teaching Fellowship Scheme and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence are now open.

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