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Alastair Work

Alastair has worked with Advance HE (previously via LFHE) since its inception, is an alumnus of its Top Management Programme (TMP), has significant experience of higher education leadership and management at all levels, and has a very strong reputation as an engaging facilitator.
Advance HE
Job Title
Senior Associate and Coach

Alastair has worked on several of our open programmes (TMP, Senior Strategic Leadership, Heads of Department, Heads (Scotland)). He has also designed and delivered in-house programmes for over 50 institutions in all mission groups in the UK.

Prior to joining Advance HE, Alastair was Vice-Principal and University Secretary at the University of St Andrews, during a period of very high profile for the institution.

He has also held HR roles in various organisations and sectors and has been an Academic Registrar in two universities. In these roles, Alastair gained direct experience of leading and managing institutional processes, people, culture, strategy and reputation and has drawn upon those experiences over the past 14 years as a consultant and leadership developer.

Alastair has a particular interest in organisational development (design, leadership, cultures and sustainable change) and system dynamics (groups, teams, complexity and process review). He has designed and delivered programmes on performance management, academic and professional services leadership, organisational culture and diversity. He also coaches individuals and teams (including senior teams) from the perspective of a critical friend. 

Alastair is a trained language teacher and has worked in private industry as a remuneration specialist; managing performance pay systems, job evaluation, recruitment and employee terms and conditions. As a consultant, his clients beyond Higher and Further Education include the Scottish Government, NHS and Social Care organisations and a range of public and not for profit organisations.

Alastair is a trained and experienced coach who has worked with individuals and small groups from across the Higher Education sector and beyond. He is a certified Analytic-NetworkTM coach and an active member of its community of practice.