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Dr Paul Campbell

Dr Paul Campbell is Reader in Physics, and leads the Biomedical Physics Research Group at the University of Dundee, where he has held a tenured teaching and research post since 2004.
University of Dundee
Job Title
Reader in Physics

In his teaching capacity, he delivers 4 full modules across all years of the undergraduate cohort at Dundee, covering the areas of Astronomy, Electromagnetism and Nuclear & Particle Physics. He adopted the 'flipped classroom' approach to the majority of his taught material over 10 years ago, and his innovative approach to delivery has seen him garner a number of student-voted awards over the years, including 'Most Inspirational Teacher' at the University in 2019. Paul presently holds a Churchill Fellowship, which will fund his collaboration with renowned innovators in Physics pedagogy at Harvard and Stanford Universities over the course of 2023-24. His presentation at the Advance HE Student Engagement meeting will relate to the area of student involvement as co-creators of assessed material through the development of effective (and inexpensive) group-working exercises that are not only indicated to develop expertise and self-confidence, but also appear to outwardly enhance student employability.