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Developing Leadership

For those new to leading or wanting to enhance their leadership practice, we have several options that give you the opportunity to reflect on and find solutions for challenges in all areas of leadership, or prepare for that next step.

Developing Leadership in Higher Education programmes and events brochure 2022-23

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Going Forward Together

Our 2022-23 portfolio continues to be shaped by feedback from across the higher education sector and blends high quality learning and insight-sharing opportunities delivered using a range of innovative techniques and platforms both in person and virtually.

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Going forward together
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It is when an institution is faced by unprecedented challenge that the importance – and impact - of leadership at all levels can become most apparent. By investing in development for current and future leaders of your teams and departments you are ensuring that your organisation has the capabilities, flexibility and resilience needed to deliver your current and future goals.

Our portfolio will support you in developing leadership capability throughout your institution

Our wealth of experience, the quality of our delivery and distinctiveness is threaded through our portfolio of services in developing new and existing leaders.  Using diverse and immersive experiential learning techniques our portfolio provides its participants with the opportunity to identify and highlight good practice that will benefit them and their institution.

Transition to Leadership

Enhance your leadership skills and become an authentic leader

Those entering leadership roles for the first time during these challenging times need to be fully equipped to do so, particularly when those roles involve leading academic teams and colleagues.

Transition to Leadership will explore your personal leadership, your team leadership and your change leadership style. By understanding your own resilience and how you can influence and inspire others you will learn new approaches to manage difficult situations and enable institutional change to happen.

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Research Team Leadership in Changing Times

Stay flexible and effective in the modern research environment

For those new to a research team leadership role, developing the necessary practical skills combined with the requirements of meeting research delivery objectives in the ever-changing work environment can be particularly challenging.

Having just celebrated its 100th cohort, this programme has a proven record of helping new team leaders meet their aims and challenges in the ever-changing research world through a variety of flexible approaches. Facilitator David Faraday ensures the format is “provocative, engaging and fun”.

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Leading Departments

Supporting and developing new and experienced heads of department

Becoming a head of department is a significant step on the leadership career ladder but the role comes with all the additional day-to-day challenges - both foreseeable and otherwise - associated with leading front line academic and professional departments.

Leaders of departments in HE institutions often need to achieve action by influencing those in senior positions in their institution. They must find ways to overcome resistance and encourage commitment in a positive manner.

Leading Departments is designed to engage, support and develop new Heads of Department to meet the operational challenges of leading and managing both academic and support teams.

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Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme

The shortage of senior women at the most senior levels in institutions is still a challenge, despite some improvements at executive and board levels in recent years.

Our Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme (formerly Leadership Matters) is one of our women-only programmes designed specifically for women in senior positions in HE to help them take the next step up or extend their role, profile and impact. It aims to create more gender parity in senior leadership within higher education

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Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership

Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership

Explore and develop your leadership identity

The development of an effective strategic leader in the volatile and challenging HE sector is rooted in their ability to connect with the institution’s purpose. It is through this connection that an effective leader can manage organisational change, develop emotional intelligence and personal resilience, handle sensitive issues and proactively engage in strategic response to sector issues or provocation.

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Diversifying Leadership

Tackling the under-representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic leaders in HE institutions

This programme is designed to support early-career academics and professional services staff from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds who are about to take their first steps into a leadership role.

It explores themes of power and influence, demystifying leadership, cultural identity and cultural capital, increasing your visibility and authentic leadership and features leadership stories from high-profile HE leaders.

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Transformative Conversations Programme

Helping convert difficult conversations into transformative ones


The recent realities of Covid-19 have, for many, created unprecedented levels of change and ambiguity. This combined with the move to using online platforms to communicate can make relating virtually a difficult skill to develop.

The Advance HE Transformative Conversations Programme supports participants in developing an understanding of context, self and others and builds confidence to have difficult conversations within their teams and higher education institution.

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