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Good Practice Grants 2020

Good Practice Grants (GPGs) provide Advance HE members with an opportunity to develop and share innovative practice with us and the wider HE sector.


The 2020 Good Practice Grants helped members develop and share innovative practice which might not otherwise attract full funding support within a university or higher education college.

Previously, funding was available in the form of Advance HE's Small Development Projects (SDPs), which were launched in 2004. In 2020, this funding was offered to all Advance HE Members in the UK and Ireland in the updated form of Good Practice Grants.   

Following the successful adoption of new formats for SDP outputs in 2019, including infographics, film and animation, the Good Practice Grant projects for 2020 utilise similarly creative approaches and mediums.

Outputs from these projects can be found below.


We are no longer accepting applications for Good Practice Grants. However, the 2021-22 Collaborative Development Fund supports the development of our members by addressing key sector challenges together, through a series of five projects.

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Through showcasing examples of good practice, we believe that everyone can benefit from the shared learning experiences of individuals and teams from our member institutions, encouraging the sector to share, connect and collaborate.

Michael Parker

Head of Membership and Networks,

Advance HE

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2020 Project outputs

The Good Practice Grants 2020 Project outputs can be accessed by Advance HE Members below.

Vice-Chancellor’s Mentoring Programme

This series of case studies provide insights into the experiences of some of those who have taken part in the the University of Nottingham’s mentoring programme and what they have gained from doing so.

University of Nottingham

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Improving Inclusive Leadership through ExCo and BAME staff Reciprocal Mentoring

Developed by City, University of London, the aim of this project was to contribute to improving race equality in higher education.

City, University of London

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Fair Recruitment Specialist Initiative

This case study outlines the design and implementation of a pilot initiative at St George's, University of London that aimed to ensure multiple perspectives are present in hiring decisions.

St George's, University of London

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Developing the teaching excellence of our PGR community

Developed by University of Leeds, the aim of this project was to provide a framework to enhance teaching development and level-up access to opportunity for postgraduate research groups within higher education.

University of Leeds

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Curriculum 2025; Inspiring Curriculum Excellence

Developed by Coventry University, this project aims to create an inclusive, robust and future proofed curriculum framework in order to maximise student engagement, student experience and equity of attainment.

Coventry University

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Extended Induction: Expectations, Inclusion and Assessment

Developed by Newcastle University, this short, extended induction programme is designed to be delivered to international students studying at Master’s level in their first semester.

Newcastle University

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The National Teaching Repository

Developed by Edge Hill University, this project provides a central space for teaching and learning strategies and ideas. 

Edge Hill University

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Innovation Fellowship Programme

This programme was developed to expand the reach and impact of a community of staff, students and colleagues already invested in enterprise and innovation at Warwick.

University of Warwick

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Facilitating international master students transition to UK higher education

This project aims to understand the transitional experiences and needs of international master students.

University of Sheffield

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Learning conversations: a partnership approach to enhancing the student experience

The project aims to develop an approach to course-level enhancement which is pedagogy-centred, appreciative, inquiry-based, developmental and supportive and participatory.

Solent University

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The Power Hour of Writing: Fostering belonging through an online writing community

The project provides an overview and evaluation of the impact of 'The Power Hour of Writing' sessions held at the University of the West of Scotland.

University of the West of Scotland

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Fostering a sense of belonging for higher education staff and students with caring responsibilities: What works?

A research- and art-based collaboration project aiming to raise awareness of carers and develop practices and policies which encourage their inclusion.

Anglia Ruskin University

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Pedagogies of Internationalisation: Mapping pedagogic practices for and with international students

This project explores what the literature and academic staff say about how we teach and conceptualise international students in UK higher education.

University of Manchester

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Programme directors and professional development

This project, subtitled 'Understanding the success of a centrally facilitated Programme Directors Network and an informal disciplinary specific PD community', aimed to establish a model for the support and development of Programme Directors by evaluating two Programme Director Networks.

University of Hull

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Decolonising the science curriculum

This project aims to inform a broad range of science academics what is meant by decolonising the curriculum, why it is important in science and ways in which it may be achieved.

Kingston University

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Women's Sense of Belonging in Computer Science Education

This project aims to understand and envision a women’s sense of belonging in Computer Science, and uncover good practice initiatives for encouraging wider participation of underrepresented groups in the discipline.

Lancaster University

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Sponsorship Mentoring: development of resources for higher education institutions

The project aims to share the evidence of why sponsorship-mentoring is valuable and develop resources for use by any higher education institution.

Loughborough University

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Inclusive, multi-partner co-creation for the teaching of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

This project aimed to co-create a redesigned level 6 module in Special Educational Needs and Disability, as part of the BA Education Studies at De Montfort University

De Montfort University

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Peer Support Networks: evaluation and toolkit/video resource production

Conducted by the University of Strathclyde, this report evaluates the impact of peer support networks and explores what strategies might be helpful for those wishing to develop or enhance networks.

University of Strathclyde

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Inclusive Curriculum (re)Design for Blended and Online Learning: evaluation and toolkit/video resource production

This project aimed to produce resources to facilitate the dissemination of an inclusive approach to blended and online module design, and to encourage future development and collaboration.

University of Strathclyde

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Communities of Practice: fostering a sense of community in complex organisations

An infographic designed to share the idea and benefits of the Community of Practice approach adopted at University College London, with the aim of encouraging colleagues at other HEIs to consider how they might like to implement a similar approach.

University College London

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Building belonging: Developing religiously inclusive cultures for Muslim students in higher education

This project report offers guidance on how to foster a sense of belonging for Muslim students in higher education. It aims to be of interest to institutions regardless of the make up of their student populations in order to be accessible and more inclusive to all.

University of Winchester

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Refugee and Asylum Seeker Scholarship schemes – supporting linguistic needs

This study looks at the Sanctuary Schemes initiated at the University of South Wales and explores the impact of language provision on applicants to the university, current students and graduates from the schemes.

University of South Wales

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Team Based Learning in Mathematics: Increasing Mathematics Confidence for Students at the Transition to Higher Education

A project to create a series of study packs as a guide to delivering maths via Team Bases Learning for students at the transition to higher education.

University of Wolverhampton

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