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UK Engagement Survey (UKES)

The UK Engagement Survey (UKES) is the only nationwide undergraduate survey to focus on student engagement.

By participating in the UK Engagement Survey, you will benefit from:

  • critical data that informs enhancements to your learning and teaching;
  • confidential and sophisticated benchmarking helping you understand how you compare with your peers and competitors; and
  • the opportunity to include additional NSS questions, specific to your institutional priorities.

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Why participate in UKES?

Helps you identify your institution's strengths and weaknesses

The UK Engagement Survey (UKES) is an important tool for understanding how students experience their courses, how engaged they feel by the teaching and how supported they are in their learning and development.

The UK Engagement Survey (UKES) can provide your institution with feedback about how your students are challenged and encouraged by their studies. This information can be used to identify areas of strength and to address areas for development – increasing the appeal of programmes to students and making a difference to learning outcomes

Our Student Surveys Team has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in the use of student surveys for enhancing learning and teaching. They will help you turn your survey results into useful insights and then positive action.

Final Reports

Over the past few years we have developed the UK Engagement Survey (UKES) to help your institution understand and improve students’ engagement with their studies. The survey uses selected questions from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), which is widely used in the United States and around the world, alongside questions developed specifically for the UK.

UKES was piloted during 2013 and 2014. 2015/16 saw 29 institutions take part and given that it has been included in the TEF technical consultation for year 2 as a criterion that institutions can use in their submission of additional evidence, it is likely that the United Kingdom Engagement Survey (UKES) will continue to grow.

The Final Reports are available to download here and contain some very interesting and useful reading


University of Bath

It’s really important that students aren’t just seen as passive consumers of their education but as partners. The [UK] Engagement Survey really puts their engagement with their studies at the heart of that.

Shaun Stephenson-McGallStudent Engagement Manager, University of Bath 


 What the UKES offers, and this is very similar to what happened with NSSE in the states, is it offers a completely different perspective on questions of quality. Particularly, it offers a counterpoint to the discourse about reputation and satisfaction, to really focus more on matters of teaching and learning.

Alex McCormickAssociate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Indiana University Bloomington

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Working with the Insights team

Advance HE’s Insights team is made up of experienced mixed-method researchers and experts in implementing surveys and other techniques for data collection. Our expert team can provide, qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods offers, underpinned by sector-wide datasets from our student surveys and our sector leading higher education statistical reports. Whether you’re a sector agency, institute, university or another organisation with a higher education offer we will work with you to help higher education be the best that it can be. 

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