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Aurora Advisory Group

Representing the Aurora Champion community.


Given the continued growth of Aurora over the last few years and the plans to continue to enhance the offer for participants and institutions as we move to 10 years of Aurora in 2022-23 we have set up an Aurora Champion Advisory group designed to provide a smaller sounding board representing the wider Aurora Champion community. 

Why does the group exist?

The group, a small cohort of Aurora Champions from across the UK and Ireland, provides critical thinking, feedback and input on all aspects of Aurora both current and planned.

During the January 2023 meeting the group were asked to think about some words to symbolise potential future values for the group, these are a work in progress but were as follows:

Global impact
Impact of our work

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Aurora Advisory Group Terms of Reference


Who is in the group?

The Aurora Advisory Group comprises of Aurora Champions/Key stakeholders from Advance HE member institutions who are currently or previously have engaged in Aurora. The group was formed after an open application process. The group includes representatives from a range of different institutions across the UK and Republic of Ireland. The group will consist of 17 members max including the Chair and is currently chaired by Advance HE Associate Melanie Armstrong, a former Aurora Champion and OD Specialist at Glasgow Caledonian University.

The Secretary to the Advisory Group is drawn from the Advance HE staff. Additional staff members may also be invited to attend to support specific agenda items by agreement with the Chair. The group is still evolving but we will review membership and the process of new members joining at the end of the 2022-23 academic year.

How often does the group meet?

The group was established in May 2022 and plans to meet 3-4 times per year virtually, with engagement and input between meetings. Find out more about being an Aurora Champion.

Aurora Advisory Group Members
Melissa Mulhall Deputy PVC Academic Planning Bath Spa University
Dr Helen Julia Minors (Co-Chair) Head of School of the Arts York St John University
Yvonne Kavanagh Assistant Registrar South East Technological University
Dr Thomas O'Toole Head of School (Business) South East Technological University
Ann Tilbury Organisational Development Specialist Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Rachel Cowen University Lead of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion University of Manchester
Ruth Miller Assistant HR/OD Partner University of Edinburgh
Dr Sally Jackson Chief People Officer Sheffield Hallam University
Lorraine Gearing Director of Education Strategies Coventry University
Dr Michelle Phillips Deputy Head of Undergraduate Programmes Royal Northern College of Music
Professor Adrienne Scullion (Co-Chair) Professor, School of the Arts, English and Languages Queens University, Belfast