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Member Benefits overview 2020-21

We support over 300 members through the provision of a range of exclusive benefits including publications, events, webinars, advice and guidance.

Our membership benefits are built from services our members have continued to enjoy over many years plus new services developed based on your feedback, to ensure greater accessibility and engagement.

Our member benefits are provided under our core themes of:

• equality and inclusion
• transformative leadership
• effective governance
• excellence in education.

Whilst the full scope and range of opportunities available continues to be refined and added to, the features and benefits available currently are listed below. We have clearly identified those which directly relate to our core themes, making it easier to identify how Advance HE is supporting your institution and you in your role.

Covid-19 - Ensuring sustainability and readiness for the new normal

Members-only projects planned for 20-21 will focus on realising the learning from the Covid-19 emergency response and considering how institutions can reshape and redefine themselves in light of the changing world around them.

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Connect Benefit Series

The Connect Benefit Series is open to all colleagues at Advance HE member institutions. The Series focusses on monthly themes designed to help our members develop resilience, to help institutions adapt to a new way of ‘business as usual’ within the transformed environment. Each month there will be a suite of multiple benefit outputs including formats such as webinars, blogs/vlogs, Tweet chats, tool kits and guidance documents. 
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Tackling structural race inequality in higher education

Activities, discussions, tools and resources to support our members in understanding and addressing structural race inequalities in all aspects of higher education.

The activities in support of this member benefit have been divided into strands:

  • Understanding structural inequality: theory, evidence, data and storytelling
  • Honest, brave and open conversations about race
  • Meeting the challenge: supporting senior leaders in conversation, change and accountability in addressing race
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Student Partnerships in Assessment

Supporting the development of assessment models and practices within higher education institutions.

As the higher education sector continues to navigate through the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, our Student Partnerships in Assessment global member benefit initiative, launching in April and running through to June, aims to support Advance HE member institutions around the globe to engage in conversation about getting started with embedding student partnerships in assessment.

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Hybrid Higher - hybrid working and leadership in higher education

The Hybrid Higher project is open to all colleagues at Advance HE member institutions. It is a rapid, generative project for senior colleagues to share insights and consider how to achieve a purposeful hybrid balance between virtual engagement and in-person collaboration.  

The project will comprise of two webinar workshops in which participants will be invited to share insights and collaborate, culminating in a leadership intelligence report exclusively for Advance HE members.

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Collaborative Development Fund

Advance HE is dedicated to supporting the development of our members based on sector needs, and provides funding to help enable this. Previously, funding had been in the form of our Small Development Projects (SDPs), which were launched in 2004 and more recently, our Good Practice Grants.

For the 2020-21 member benefit year, funding will be available to our global membership base in the form of our Collaborative Development Fund, which aims to harness the knowledge, experience and innovative capabilities of our members in order to address current challenges within the HE sector.

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Advance HE Connect

Share. Connect. Collaborate

Advance HE Connect is an online network exclusively for the HE sector that has facilitated sector-wide engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic, with individual log-ins increasing by 80% since lockdown. Members have been connecting with more than 21,000 users from 100 countries around the globe. This community platform is open to all those who work in HE and provides a space where the sector can share, connect and collaborate in one place.

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Teaching Excellence Awards

At a time when teaching and teachers have to rapidly adapt, it’s important that we continue to celebrate the outstanding contribution to education that our colleagues make. The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS), which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020 and the Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) showcase the impact of individuals and teams who teach or support learning in UK higher education, recognising their success and providing a platform to share the learning from their practice. Advance HE member institutions benefit from free access to these awards.

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Discounted access to key development and enhancement opportunities

All Advance HE member institutions benefit from:

Strategic Advisory Groups

Your member-led Strategic Advisory Groups will continue to ensure that we develop work in the areas that deliver the most value to your institution. This includes influence over the development of new knowledge and publications shaped to respond to your changing need and exclusive access to the outcomes of this work.

Dedicated Advance HE membership contact

Your Head of Membership is a critical friend with strategic understanding of your context, stakeholders and institutional objectives. They will support you to engage with complex challenges and share good practice between member institutions with you and ensure you access the services that best support your institutional objectives and help you prepare for emerging challenges and opportunities.