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Aurora Alumnae

The Aurora Alumnae community is specifically tailored for women who have completed the Aurora programme and serves as a platform for ongoing growth and collaboration.


Our Aurora Alumnae community is designed exclusively for women who have completed Aurora offering a platform for ongoing growth and collaboration. With over 10,000 women from nearly 200 institutions in the UK and Ireland participating in Aurora since its launch in 2013, we have strong support from all those who have engaged with Aurora to maintain the contact and transformative impact of the programme. The overriding message was opportunity and options to meet the continued need for support, ongoing development, and connectivity.

Our aim is for this alumnae community to continue their ongoing leadership journey via enhancing skills, staying updated on emerging trends, and share learning and insights from peer networks beneficial for individual and institutional success. Through our workshops, webinars, and tailored networking events, the Aurora alumnae offer and ongoing opportunities to ensure that the initial investment in Aurora pays long-term dividends for its members.

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Aurora Alumnae Connect Network

By joining the Aurora Alumnae connect network, you will have access to a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about advancing women's leadership and gender equality.  You can expect to build upon the conversations explored within the Aurora through thought-provoking and relevant content, engaging in lively networking events, and sharing your experiences and perspectives as part of a supportive community.    

Join the Aurora Alumnae community on Connect today and unlock opportunities for your personal and professional growth. 

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Conferences, Events & Programmes

Aurora Development Opportunities

We are excited to share updates regarding the Aurora Alumnae development opportunities, commencing with a series of workshops available from May 2024 specifically designed based on what you told us were your priorities for impact and direction in your role .

To further empower your leadership journey, we're thrilled to present you with an exclusive opportunity. For a limited period, we're offering a 50% discount on all Alumnae workshop registrations.

If you're arranging your booking through your Aurora Champion, they'll facilitate this offer for you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to self-fund, you can take advantage of this discount, by using the code: AlumnaeSelfFund50

Resilience and Wellbeing

Participants of this workshop series will gain evidenced based knowledge and skills on the area of Wellbeing & Resilience. Each participant will be given the opportunity to work on a personal resilience toolkit during the workshop sessions to support them at an individual level.
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Driving your Career Development

This workshop is designed to bring your future career development into sharp focus. Through interactive sessions, you will engage in a series of exercises aimed at fostering reflection on your personal attributes, skills, career aspirations, and the proactive management of your ongoing career growth. The core theme of the content revolves around career development for women in higher education, with specific discussions on this topic integrated throughout the session.
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Credible Leadership

The Visible Credibility workshop assists you in navigating the work environment, specifically addressing the challenge of establishing and managing intricate relationships. The Credible Authority workshop delves into tools and techniques aimed at overcoming challenges to authority, thereby fostering successful leadership.
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