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Academic Leadership Programme

A focused development programme for academic leaders in higher education.

Having effective heads of department and heads of academic sections is vital for all higher education providers, yet the opportunities for the professional development of this group of academic staff remain limited. 

The Academic Leadership Programme (ALP) is designed to support these colleagues; the next generation of academic leaders. It is only available to be commissioned by an institution or a group of institutions. The emphasis of the programme is on future leadership rather than leaders, reinforcing Advance HE’s belief that leadership can be demonstrated at any level and is value-driven not hierarchical in nature.

The programme has had a global impact having been delivered with institutions in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. We have a flexible model of delivery that can be tailored to your institution's requirements. The programme is available online, face-to-face or hybrid and includes synchronous and asynchronous elements.

Please note that this programme is only available for institutional purchase and is not run as an open programme for individuals.

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The programme has been excellent. A particular strength has been the atmosphere in which it’s been delivered which has created a real sense of teamwork and sharing of experiences. The focus on influencing and leading change will really help me in how I approach day-to-day challenges and obstacles as well as how to approach more complex ones in the University."

University of Bahrain participant

Our approach

The programme introduces participants to the most important dimensions of academic leadership and gives them time and space to think about ‘shifting gear’ from successfully thinking about their leadership role, to ensuring that their leadership outputs and outcomes are firmly embedded in a future practice that will help deliver the institution’s strategic objectives.

Our approach is to introduce ideas and techniques during the sessions to then encourage individuals to put these into practice on a trial basis in their own department. The programme can be delivered online or face-to-face. The content is a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous delivery - including live recordings and using approaches that model good practice.

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Collaboration with University of Ljubljana

Staff at the University of Ljubljana have been undertaking Leadership Development Programmes, delivered by Advance HE. The university identified leadership development and capacity building as a key strategic priority for 2020 and engaged Advance HE to design and deliver a programme of CPD aimed at supporting academic staff to acquire and develop key leadership attributes.

The programme was designed to support colleagues at the university with the emphasis of the programme focused on future leadership, reinforcing Advance HE’s belief that leadership can be demonstrated at any level and is value-driven not hierarchical in nature. The programme was designed for those working in leadership positions across the institution, including Heads of Departments, Deans, Assistant Deans and Programme leaders.

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