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Vice-Chancellor Masterclass

Providing a safe space for open dialogue, critical thinking and exploration of solutions around key sector challenges.

Following feedback from the sector we have created a series of masterclasses to speak to contemporary challenges vice-chancellors are facing.

Influencing and Navigating Politics and HE Policy Making in Changing Times

The stakes for higher education have never been higher than now and integral to facing this challenge is the interface between politicians, policymakers and universities. With an election on the horizon where the only certainty is change to the current political status quo, this masterclass is focused on that potential change scenario and the options and opportunities it presents. 

We will be running this event in partnership with Eden & Partners, who we have worked with in the past on a Westminster Insights programme for HE. They have an excellent reputation for helping leaders better navigate and impact the political and policy landscape at a local and national level. 

The day will be led by Catherine Eden, who will be joined by invited guest contributors drawn from current and former Ministers, civil servants and MPs.

Booking information

27 June, 10am – 4pm, Central London

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Event benefits

  • Time and space to explore what works around political connections and networks whilst engaging in conversations with current and former politicians and civil servants helping you to ‘walk in their shoes’;
  • Consider more effective engagement strategies for political and government leaders, above and beyond engaging with local MPs;
  • Explore differing perspectives of HE by those in policy making and implementation roles, and how to influence and impact positive change.
  • Test some of the issues you are looking to progress and receive constructive feedback.
  • Take away practical ideas and approaches to support you in your engagement with local and national politicians.

Cost to members is £325 including all drinks and refreshments, non-members £390.

“To have the opportunity to ‘get inside the heads’ of the people who are making and implementing policy that affects our sector was invaluable. I now feel much more able to think through approaches that are more likely to be well received.”

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