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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

New workshops created to support higher education institutions in navigating intersectionality, allyship and creating an anti-racist campus.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion workshops

With reports highlighting inequality and inequity across the higher education sector for people from minority groups, Advance HE offer programmes, events and conferences which aim to create safe spaces to discuss and debate topics of equality, diversity and inclusion. Our portfolio supports the addressing of barriers to career development and progression experienced by Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff, and advancing gender equality in higher education.

Advance HE’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion workshops are designed to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to adopt an intersectional approach to understanding and dealing effectively with a range of equality and diversity issues in the workplace.

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Inclusive Leadership

As institutions struggle to demonstrate their commitment to realising their moral, legal, strategic and equality objectives, the importance of effective leadership, particularly to increase diversity and promote greater inclusion for all has gained greater significance.

Embedding inclusive practices as the golden thread that runs throughout organisations is a minimum requirement, but remains a priority issue. Effective leadership is critical to the success of any organisation, however, there is no consensus about how inclusive leadership is conceptualised and operationalized.

This interactive, path breaking course aims employs the lens of social justice in order to equip current and prospective leaders with the knowledge and skills to transform their leadership practices by introducing them to contemporary scholarship and discourses relating to inclusive leadership.

Participants will engage with key questions and contestations in exploring the meaning of inclusive leadership and how it is understood personally as within their organisation. The course will also enable participants to transform their own practice by understanding:

  • their individual role as a change agent in relation to their team and/or service, their organisation, and the broader society;
  • the need to adopt a systemic approach to creating equality and inclusion for all
  • the changing nature of the drivers for inclusion and therefore of inclusive leadership.
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Share and celebrate your achievements with digitally recognised learning

For much of our portfolio for 2022-23 the learning of event attendees and programme participants and conference, symposia and colloquia presenters will be digitally recognised.

This makes it easy for you to share and celebrate your achievements by adding them to your email signature or including them in your social profiles including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Your learning certificates can also be easily verified and downloaded as a pdf.

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